Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant Project – City of Vacaville
April 18, 2012

AES is conducting ongoing Swainson’s hawk monitoring in accordance with the Monitoring and Reporting Program prepared for Phase I of the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Tertiary Project. AES also prepared the Environmental Impact Report for the project. Previous monitoring conducted by AES biologists indicated that construction activities at the WWTP did not disrupt nesting hawks. The City of Vacaville certified the Final EIR and approved a Use Permit for the project on April 20, 2010. AES prepared the EIR, as well as NEPA-compliance documentation (also called a CEQA-Plus document), in support of the City’s application for funding through the State Revolving Funds program administered by the State Water Resources Control Board. The project includes improvements to the WWTP necessary to respond to regulatory and permit requirements, such as compliance with numerical ammonia limits, nitrate limits, elimination of blending, and dry weather filtration/Title 22 reclamation. Key environmental issue areas discussed in the CEQA-Plus EIR included biological resources, aesthetics, odor, and noise.

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