AES GHG Verification Team Has Been Accredited by Washington State
December 1, 2017

AES has been certified as a Verification Body and AES’s lead verifiers have been accredited by the State of Washington, Department of Ecology (Ecology) to conduct formal verifications of greenhouse gas emission reports as required under the State’s Clean Air Rule (Rule). At this time, AES is one of only a few Verification Bodies to receive authorization by Ecology to conduct the third-party verification process under the Rule. The accredited AES verification body consists of two lead verifiers with specializations in energy generation, general combustion, and electrical transactions. The first compliance period for facilities covered under the Rule began on January 1, 2017. The first verification deadline under the Rule is August 30, 2018. Only Ecology accredited verification bodies may provide verification services for the purposes of mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reporting under the Rule.  To request our services, please contact Trent Wilson or Erin Quinn at 916-447-3479

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