Circle S Ranch Vineyards – Draft EIR
November 1, 2008

Draft EIR Report (November 2008)
Draft EIR Appendices (November 2008)

The Circle S Ranch LLC Erosion Control Plan Application (ECPA) #P06-01508-ECPA proposes the development of approximately 377.6 net acres of new vineyard within 458.7 gross acres (approximately 411.1 gross acres are proposed on slopes greater than five percent; approximately 47.6 gross acres are proposed on slopes less than five percent) within a 1,593 acre property.  Activities associated with this development include the removal of brush and trees in proposed vineyard areas; ripping, rock removal and cultivating the soil prior to vineyard planting; construction and maintenance of vineyard avenues and related access roads; seeding cover crop and installing erosion control measures; mulching; trenching for irrigation pipelines; trellis and deer fence installation, including critter culverts; planting vines; and riparian corridor restoration and tree planting. The Napa County Conservation, Development and Planning Department is the CEQA Lead Agency for the project.

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